Another Day Gun Control Fails

A man enters a deli, has a discussion with an employee and leaves.  According to numerous reports, coming in from Columbus, Ohio, the man returned roughly 30 minutes later and began randomly swinging a machete, seriously wounding four patrons who, moments earlier, were simply enjoying their time at the restaurant.  Ohio enacted new gun control laws less than a year earlier, including requirements for more stringent background checks.  These laws failed to protect those wounded by this crazed attacker who was on the FBI watch list.

Gun control; just the words themselves, spark very different (yet equally passionate) responses from citizens.   Those favoring reduced control cling to notions of inalienable rights and liberty.  Pointing to the 2nd Amendment gun owners insist they’ve a right to all manner of deadly weapons.  Murder and mayhem continue to make headlines and the proponents continue to point to gun control as a key answer in calming the tides of terror despite the ‘noise’ about rights.  When it comes to the attacks in Columbus we know tighter gun control laws would have failed to protect anyone the attacker chose to target.

This attack should stand as a witness to the fact it will require far more than mere gun control if we are to live in a safe society freed from the fear of these lone wolf animals preying on our way of life.  This is the United States, after all.  We are, and of right ought to be, free to choose where we want to go and be confident our protection is in capable hands.  National, state, and local governments are too reliant on the loud minority who think they can protect themselves and their families better than our law enforcement agencies.  It is these independent minded, stubborn people who stymy real legislation that could have yielded a better level of protection for those attacked.

It is time a majority rise against the minority and insist on better weapon control laws.  Not only are gun laws too lenient, there is no single law requiring the make sense background investigation for purchasing any weapon.  Myopic focus on guns, rifles, assault weapons, and magazine size is leading us into the dangers of more terror minded people having open access to machetes.  There was absolutely no requirement for this person to pass a federal background investigation before being allowed to buy such a dangerous weapon.  The attacker’s name was on the FBI watch list; a background check could have prevented the pain and suffering the victims are now experiencing.  Had the lawmakers been more focused on truly protecting our children they would have included machetes long ago.

It is understood, especially thanks to the lobbyists for gun mongers, a great deal want to own guns.  Who knows how many more voices will rise in outrage when machetes are added but added they must be and the loud minority must be suppressed.  Weapon control, truly comprehensive control, can no longer be allowed to be stopped by those waving around their tired, old document of pain and insecurity.  Restricting our national government’s ability to maintain civil order is no answer.

A safe society, prepared to defend our posterity’s freedom, is necessary and comprehensive weapon control must trump outdated claims about gun ownership somehow being important for freedom.  How free are the victims who still remain hospitalized?  How free are their families and how safe are their children with them no longer at home?  Guns must be controlled, sure, but we cannot stop there.

Machetes were used to kill millions in Rwanda, it is time for them to be added to the weapons that we must not allow to be simply purchased as if being nothing more than a tool for landscaping.  We no longer live in a time where machetes are necessary to hack through heavy vegetation.  Now the evil among us use them to hack at our neighbors, friends, and families.  Contact your national representatives, send a no piffle demand to your state officials, and join the efforts to enact comprehensive weapons control so we do not experience another day gun control fails.

Note:  The author is not encouraging angry protests, civil disobedience, or disruptive activity in advocating for the inclusion of machetes in weapon control initiatives.  This article, and its ending call to action, simply is written as a satirical view of just how far laws and regulations, along with arguments supporting them, can be taken while barring access to items that truly are inanimate in nature and only lethally dangerous when improperly used.  Whether the object is a gun, machete, knife, or pen most anything can be used improperly.  This improper use  cannot mean peaceful people should no longer be allowed access.  Our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution are of no use to us without common sense and a passion for liberty and the ensuing freedom and security it unleashes.