As a Veteran I am Tired

I’m tired of still having an ultimate passion for the oath I swore four decades ago while dealing with politicians and bureaucrats ignoring the same oath every day. Tired of seeing polls that show nearly 40 percent of fellow citizens support a fascist approach to government rather than taking the time to understand federalism. Tired of loving liberty, wanting to see it survive for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren while watching a fascist government destroy it while so many applaud their efforts.  As a veteran I am tired of being treated like I’m the radical for loving our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution while those in high places are praised and become wealthy for helping to destroy both.

I’m tired of a tax code that has grown from 400 pages to nearly 74,000 pages being okay but the notion of repealing the 16th Amendment is said to be extreme. I’m tired of regulations being added in record numbers to snare more citizens in traps of fines and fees while thieves who steal from taxpayers are allowed to collect their pay in public jobs they hold. I’m tired of no say in the way our country is headed despite the façade of elections being used as a way for thieves to say we voted for them so they may rule and regulate. I’m tired of an out of control bureaucracy of alphabet soup being supported by a court of five to four votes despite the oaths they all swore.

I’m tired of it being okay for citizens to be expected to pay lobbyists and be expected to form expensive PACs in order to have any hope of getting their voices heard while big corporations and politicians ignore truth, embracing power and money and laughing all the way to the bank. I’m tired of a government choosing winners and losers even if the winners they select are harmful to the very citizens expected to vote for them again and again. I’m tired of fellow citizens following along as if this is the way it is meant to be rather than questioning what it really means to be free.

I’m tired of someone like Texas Sen. Hinojosa being able to give witness to a committee based on myth and lies without question while a citizen is questioned for telling truth based on facts. I’m tired of a flat earth mentality ruling at the expense of public health and welfare while politicians lie about supporting public health and welfare. I’m tired of big tobacco being able to use government to stifle a competitor through money and lobbyists to a point where even anti-smoking advocates support them being nothing more than sheep under the gaze of a powerful wolf. It is long past time for truth to win yet citizens who find lies beneficial do not support truth but treat it as a radical notion instead, deceived to believe they are standing with right no matter how wrong.

I’m tired of someone like Hillary Clinton thriving while those serving under her die due to her uncaring ways, too consumed with the lure of more power, money, and influence wondering how that new furniture will looks in her digs. I’m tired of a first lady who tells others she is the child of struggles due to a race hating society yet flying around the globe at that very society’s expense because they were not racist after all. I’m tired of blacks killing blacks while snake charmers like Al Sharpton call for a federal police force because it is the police, not the thugs, who are wrong and racist. I’m tired of a man who hates so passionately, ignores tax laws so openly having unfettered access to the White House while liberty loving citizens are pointed to as radicals. I’m tired of good sounding law like the Affordable Care Act that is both un-affordable and uncaring.

I’m tired of the fact those who hold their oath dear, those many who served far beyond the levels of service I was required to give are treated as extremists for loving their country and their flag. I’m tired of those who understand federalism, non-intervention, and the glorious possibility limited government is proven to provide slandered as whackos while those supporting social engineering, community organizing, and fascism are cheered. Look upon the destruction of towns, cities, counties, and states where social welfare has been implemented the most to see the results yet somehow 40 percent always approve. I’m tired of Lyndon Johnson being hailed as the champion of civil rights when he stood in the way and numerous times slandered blacks yet the snake charmer’s spin twists the truth of history and citizens again fall under the spell of deceit.

As a veteran I am tired about so much more but no matter because I swore an oath to defend our Constitution against enemies, both foreign and domestic. Domestic enemies far outnumber foreign enemies. They serve in our cities, they serve in our states, and they serve in our nation but they do not serve our citizens nor honor their oath. They run big corporations, PACs, and organizations that sound good but mean only to deceive. They lobby and peddle wares in hopes their deceipt will bring taxpayer dollars to the masters they serve. They serve power, money and influence as elected officials but do not answer to their constituents if and when the big money or political party come calling. Spinning their lies into campaign rhetoric is an art they are very skilled at, there is no fear citizens will call them out or demand they uphold their oath. They serve their party more than citizenry and there are party whips in place to help ensure they always will.

Federalism can solve these challenges fascism causes but citizens must know the difference. Separation of powers can isolate even the most corrupt politician or faction. Enumerated powers and the guidelines set forth in our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution can control those who seek to use a phone and pen to force their corrupt agendas despite their oath. Limited government can end the reign of terror and abuse bureaucracy creates.

Remember the six goals for the national government outlined in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution? Form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare (not special interests but general only), and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. Can you support those goals? If so then please help restore those blessings so our Posterity can have a chance of securing them for their Posterity. If you believe them to be radical you are helping create a fascist government, part of the 40 percent. Know that and be brave enough to state you are against federalism and the constitution, don’t lie about it and feign patriotism to a system you abhor. If you can support these simple goals please educate yourself to truth and lend your voice.

Citizens must awaken and learn the truth, accept the truth, and DEMAND the truth for federalism to be reborn. Oppression opens ears and the United States is becoming more oppressive every year. Opened ears need educated voices speaking truth over demagoguery so it simply does not matter that I’m tired, I swore an oath. It does not matter if you are tired, whether you swore an oath or just share in the belief of the oath. Please, study the truth, understand this country was not meant to be run this way, and lend your voice. Restoration through education and defiant, educated action is our last best hope. American Federalism created a miracle never before seen. Though it effectively ended in 1913 our Posterity can and should be given a chance to live in liberty and federalism delivers. It’s okay to be tired, it is not okay to be sleeping on our watch.