Competent voters know it is not about Clinton emails

Turn on any talking heads show and the buzz once again is centered on the Clinton email controversy.  For those that choose to vote incompetently, not taking the time to study each issue and candidate before casting an emotional or single issue vote, hearing about emails brings yawns.  After all, many have accidentally hit reply all or sent a personal email through their work so the Clinton ‘email’ scandal is just that broad right-wing conspiracy she talked about for decades.  Many are tired of hearing about her emails and are ready to cast their ballot, to be a part of electing the first woman to the presidency, no facts will interfere with their passion.

For those casting a competent vote there’s no such mischaracterization, it is not about her email account or some work-related emails sent through a personal email account.  Many fully understand this and still plan on voting for HRC while others simply cannot, in good conscience, vote for someone that has lied so much to so many for so long.    A competent voter looks at everything and some see corruption and national security as less important than an expansion on the transformation that’s been accelerating the past quarter of a century, nearing completion of a change from federalism to feudalism.  Others cannot stomach someone so careless with national security secrets ever becoming Commander-in-Chief.  Each will at least cast a vote understanding Hillary Clinton is more careful with her personal privacy than the privacy of her country.

Just as the Lewinsky ordeal was never about just having sex with a young intern, spinning the tale as if it were was all that was necessary to help Bill Clinton not just survive but thrive during his post presidential years.  Make something sound mundane enough, talk about that terrible right-wing conspiracy thing, mix in some misdirection with international warmongering and economic chaos and you’ve got a formula for getting away with just about anything.  The Clinton family and their close knit circle are experts at leading the incompetent to the polls, they have decades of practice.  Just look at the Democratic Party success among minority voting groups in rundown inner cities or broken small towns and it is clear how good they are.

There are the millions who are competent regarding such matters but still bear allegiance to transformational bureaucracy over self-governing federalism.  Transformational bureaucracy provides just enough to survive, if you qualify, while never allowing an opportunity to thrive and rise outside of those tied to the political machine in control.  Despite proof this is a political practice each cycle, promise big…deliver little, progress marches on.

Keeping people dependent, divided and distracted are key to holding power over the making of rules and regulations while continuing to expand that power year after year.  It’s taken over 100 years but total transformation is finally within the grasp of our modern progressive thinkers.  Just because a progressive leader is careless enough to risk national security, mishandle the secrets of our country, put lives in danger, and consistently lie to the public about it is no reason not to support her for progressives who see how close they are to total transformation.

Hillary Clinton is the one candidate left standing guaranteed to help collapse federalism and its check and balance rule of law nonsense.  She can help complete the transformation and finally end the façade of being a constitutional country and progress toward a socially engineered administrative state, joining a world of administrative states.  Corruption, scandal, lies, and deceit are just a right-wing conspiracy, likely started by those Russians after all, so let’s talk free college, shall we?

Should she lose it could slow down or, worse yet, reverse some of the transformation already in place.  That’s too high a price to pay, bureaucracy and cronyism would suffer and the people may taste the liberating effect of responsible self-government.  Risk the country and the people but never risk the faction, never retreat from progressive gains no matter the destructive results.  Established power is easier to maintain than recapture if lost.  Liberty must not be unleashed again, it hinders the elites’ ability to control the voting masses.  Competent voters know it is not about Clinton emails but many of the competent are leading the incompetent to the polls.  Will federalism survive?


“Americans are so enamored of equality they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”  Alexis de Tocqueville