Confidence in Trump Will Not Stop Progressive Transformation

Confidence in Trump has helped spark progressive protests out of a fear he will stop the fundamental transformation Obama helped press forward through phone and pen.  Obama won on a promise to fundamentally transform the United States while Trump countered, 8 years later, with a promise of making America great again.  The legacy of Obama will be tied to how successful Trump is at reversing many of the executive orders Obama used to push bureaucracy toward ultimate administrative rule in place of constitutional law.

Based on the history of our modern progressive movement, Barrack Obama may go down in history, alongside FDR and LBJ, as being among the biggest champions of transforming bureaucracy into stronger administrative law across the country.  During more than a century of progressive efforts FDR and LBJ pushed their agendas further than any other president before them.  Through their New Deal and Great Society plans administrative law grew significantly while federal rules and regulations supplanted local government to near serf status and turned states into wards of the federal government when the states accepted their role.

Obamacare, combined with the thousands of additional rules, regulations, and agreements implemented without congress, has created the largest bureaucracy in history with the largest federal debt ever.  Bureaucracy can only be truly tamed when funding ceases and it is doubtful congressional passion runs deep enough to sever funding to the alphabet soup congress relies on for reelection and power.  It is very likely many of Obama’s transformative efforts will survive a Trump administration, bureaus tend to survive political storms.

President Obama is very busy as he presses toward the goal line of completing the transformation. Just this past week he led the efforts for implementing more pages of new regulations in a single day than any other day in U.S. history.  He has been very honest in his focus toward supplanting the U.S. into a global community.  Globalization is something long desired by the elite who seek bureaucracy over liberty around the world and progressive transformation embraces globalization.

In his final European trip he spoke openly about his confidence in not moving the American people toward globalization too fast.  Modern history agrees with his assessment and the 2016 election proves literally half the voting population embraces bureaucratic rule over constitutional order.  So much passion is invested in supporting administrative law people willingly took to the streets and burned down fellow citizens’ businesses and property, attacked police, tied up traffic, created havoc for others, and demanded more government, not less.

The call for more government is loud and election results locally prove progressives are far from finished with their desire and their need for on-going progressive transformation.  In Bexar County, TX Clinton won more than 60% of the vote and liberals captured a majority of the positions they ran for locally.  In cities, counties, and regions across the country it is easy to see Obama’s transformation is still desired by a growing number of people.  Human nature always struggles between liberty and servitude.  Bexar County is just one of hundreds filled with voters wanting federal government bureaucracy to continue.  Many believe their special interests are served best by more government.

The U.S. population is not overwhelmingly embracing freedom, we’re divided.  Population shifts lean toward progressive success in the elections ahead, especially in urban centers.  Servitude is emotionally safer than liberty.  Liberty is scary and servitude comes with the promise of needs being taken care of where liberty puts the burden of care on the person, family, and local community.  Trump cannot change the fear of liberty.  If anyone is relying on Trump to restore greatness and champion liberty for our Posterity they are relying on a very thin possibility.

People who still believe liberty and the pursuit of happiness should overrule bureaucracy and equality of things need to understand their plight.  It will only become probable liberty will triumph over bureaucracy when decades of reductions take place in bureaucracy and American Federalism is taught to our children’s children.  Liberty must again prove more alluring than servitude or the U.S. will be globalized out of existence and Obama’s legacy will be as secure as FDR’s and LBJ’s despite the costs and failures common with democracy and administrative law.  Confidence in Trump will not stop progressive transformation, it will take a people focused on self-governing over bureaucratic rule; liberty over tyranny, a choice seldom made in human history.