Democratic Platform Secures Division for Society

In the recently released draft of the 2016 Democratic Platform there are numerous references to divisions within society the party is fighting hard to secure, protect, and educate.  Division is a foundation for enacting transformational change necessary for society to accept unity.  Produced by the current leadership and delegates tasked with crafting the party’s message, it is clear Bernie Sanders heavily impacted the speed the faction’s trajectory to democratic socialism is currently on.  Top policy adviser Warren Gunnels stated in a CNN interview, “”We got 80% of what we wanted in this platform.”

In typical political skill, words are crafted to make it easy to think how could anyone be against whatever program, law, rule, or order is being pitched to solve a specific group’s needs.  Stronger enforcement and increased centralized regulations are key tools. Several times proposed rules or transformation in law is suggested through executive actions, giving the abused power a form of acceptance as the way the U.S. President does things in the 21st Century, phone and pen at the ready.

It will be costly caring for so many special situations but democrats promise no additional debt by tackling fraud, waste, and abuse “to make sure government dollars are spent wisely and efficiently.”  Seems this has been promised by many of these same politicians over the decades yet still it needs to be tackled, like that garage that needs cleaning.  This time, rest assured, “democrats will.”  Those words are mentioned 66 times together while the constitution they’re sworn to defend is only mentioned seven times, twice to amend it.

Here are a few categories, please select all that apply:

  • Women and girls
  • African-American
  • Asian Americans
  • Latino Americans
  • Cuban Americans
  • Puerto Rican
  • Pacific Islander
  • American Indian
  • Alaskan Native
  • LGBT
  • Disabled
  • Veterans
  • Muslims
  • White Americans (It is unacceptable that the median wealth for white Americans is roughly ten times that of African Americans and Latino Americans.)[Emphasis added]

Some of the top used words help indicate the paths ‘Democrats will’ use to tackle these protected group’s special needs and interests.

  • Rights – 55
  • Protect – 54
  • Fight – 51
  • Tax – 33
  • Build – 32
  • Climate – 29
  • Justice – 24
  • Enforce – 17

Jobs are promised for youth, minimum wage is promised at $15 an hour, equal pay and rights for women will be added to the Constitution, abortion protection and reproductive rights combined with education for proper family planning will be required by law and funded through taxes, mentoring for youth to ensure proper education, protection, and rights are provided, building a cradle-to-college pipeline and creating ladders of opportunity are all referenced without great detail, the faction must win for party loyalists to learn exactly how “Democrats will.”

Each divided class will be cared for without adding costs to people other than the wealthy who will be required to finally pay their fair share.  With the top 1% finally forced to surrender their dollars government programs can grow to meet the needs of the people and serve those needs appropriately.  For example, addressing the concern businesses cannot afford to pay $15 an hour (cost to employers are about $21 an hour to meet that level of pay) democratic plans are being developed to help.

Democrats support a model employer executive order or some other vehicle to leverage federal dollars to support employers who provide their workers with a living wage, good benefits, and the opportunity to form a union. The $1 trillion spent annually by the government on contracts, loans, and grants should be used to support good jobs that rebuild the middle class.  [Emphasis added]

Employers wanting government contracts to offset the new minimum wage rules and regulations can complete a simple preapplication.

  • Do you pay a living wage of at least $15 an hour? Y / N
  • Do you provide good benefits? Y / N
  • Do you encourage your employees to form a union? Y / N

– If you answered ‘Yes’ to these three requirements congratulations.  You may be eligible to receive priority treatment in competing for government contracts, loans, and grants.  If any are ‘No’ we will require education, mentoring, and training to ensure future ability to comply.  PLEASE NOTE: Employer priority will be further enhanced for minority, women, LGBT, and disabled owners.

To be fair, a similar analysis of the draft Republican faction platform is likely to also secure divisions, each faction wants to lay claim to the votes behind the real humans they routinely place in categories.  The Democratic Party is not alone in its drive to form a centrally planned, controlled, and evolving approach in governing the people, the GOP is fully engaged in similar tactics.

People are to be governed, there is no doubt of that. The progressively more socialist platform helps ensure the need is justified. Reading it carefully, watching how Obama has been transforming government, studying the history of the evolving bureaucracy and control by both major factions shows a transformation heading more toward fascism than socialism by definition.  Both can be debated but federalism and Supreme Law are nowhere to be found on the debate stage, having not garnered enough support to make the cut.  No matter, any requires the acceptance by the people, Democrats must win.

Too many people willingly accept the sales pitch from ‘their’ party and group.  Fighting is no problem, ignoring significant flaws in faction leadership can be tolerated, and demanding rights and entitlements in defense of the poor and weak among us is worth sustained division at the expense of tranquility, equal is equal after all.  Peace will come when opposition to the transformation learn to accept and comply with the ever growing rules and regulations necessary to support the revolutionary changes inclusion and tolerance demand.  Those are the core values articulated by the democrats, worthy of whatever price to the rich in aiding the poor, able to give so much if people simply provide the control necessary.

Neither democrats nor republicans are ready to make the category of ‘Human’ the one and only category.  All subcategories could be eliminated, government could be significantly reduced, tranquility could be within reach, racism slayed, and sanity in rules and laws aided if factions, bureaucrats, the media, and protesters favoring classification would simply accept human as the true inclusive, tolerant designation that needs no further division within government.  Instead we must study their platforms designed to secure division for society, transformation is nearly complete, our future in sight.