FDA Overregulation of Vaping Begins Doing Harm

When it comes to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and overregulation people are often unaware unless it occurs in a very well-known industry like vaping.  Vaping has grown over the past decade to become the first real game changer in the battle to quit smoking.  United States smoking rates are dropping faster than any other time since measurements began and the cause had been outside of government control driven by consumer demand and an industry willing to listen and fulfill those demands.

In 1962 the Royal College of Physicians scientifically linked cancer and smoking.  The U.S. Surgeon General finally acknowledged the connection in 1964.  In April of 2016 the Royal College of Physicians scientifically determined vaping with modern devices has a risk of less than 5% compared with smoking while causing no harm to bystanders.  There is no such thing as second hand vape, like the dangers of second hand smoke.  The many cancer causing carcinogens found in burning tobacco simply does not exist in the eLiquids people use in their Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS).  Their study joins with many other scientific studies reaching the same conclusions, vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.  Smokers should be encouraged to vape instead if nothing else is helping them quit.

Beyond the science is the fact people are using these open tank devices to finally quit smoking in record numbers.  There are millions of people who have either completely quit smoking or are significantly reducing the use of cigarettes thanks to vaping, thousands of which left their comments for the FDA over the past year.  Vaping is saving lives and improving health, this is a fact thousands have stood in testimony of and is not some slick marketing campaign by the industry.

Despite the many peer reviewed scientific studies provided the FDA, despite all the success people are having with vaping to finally quit smoking, despite the fact the industry has been one of the most self-governing industries ever seen, despite the fact consumers are driving quality and safety within the industry, despite the fact smoking rates are dropping among all age categories, and despite the fact there is no tobacco in any of these products the FDA has deemed them to be tobacco and begins over regulating all devices and eLiquids today, August 8, 2016.

Vaping is not tobacco and the vaping community, made up of thousands of small businesses and millions of consumers, is not big tobacco coming for round two.  Vaping should never be regulated under tobacco products, it does not fit and creates dangerous overregulation by insisting on calling electronic hardware tobacco or eLiquids with no tobacco or even no nicotine tobacco.  We have seen the confusion of overregulating these devices and products as tobacco in many states and communities jumping on the regulatory efforts long before the FDA.

Tobacco products are known killers and regulations restricting them are understandable.  Vaping is not tobacco and it is not understandable how the FDA can simply wave the regulatory wand and make it so.  Instead of the federal government bringing sanity to regulations it further drives mass confusion through improper regulation and improper classification.  Was it too much work to create a new category for a new industry or was it too easy to protect big corporations from this new competitor if it were called tobacco as well?  It will definitely make it easier to tax, this is also occurring across the states regardless of the fact vaping is saving lives.

People will die from this over regulation, there is no doubt about that.  Smokers will see their trusted FDA saying these products are so dangerous they will be treated worse than any other products currently on the market and not try vaping.  Smokers will be denied the innovations the industry was bringing rapidly in improved performance and safety.  Smokers will not know about the science that proves there’s a 95%+ safer product for them that just might allow them to live smoke-free.  Smokers will continue to smoke, smokers will continue to die.

The FDA is helping nobody but the big tobacco companies whose cigarettes are not negatively impacted by the new regulations.  The federal government is not helping anybody but the big pharmaceutical companies that will continue to peddle their ‘cures’ to people addicted to cigarettes.  They are protecting the livelihood of those employed in the anti-smoking industry while over regulating a product that could help end the need for an anti-smoking industry.

The FDA and federal government have once again chosen their crony connections over public health.  They’ve told us for years they want people to quit smoking.  When an industry finally rises to the occasion of helping in that goal the FDA helps the competitors, proving their care is not for the public but rather the private interests.  Smokers simply can take their medications and die, medical proof and reality be damned.  FDA over regulation begins today in earnest, further proof federal regulations often do more harm than good.