Globalists expose climate risk to children amid Paris debacle

Children are our number one priority. Paris represents a step toward our global community putting dollars and rules to bear on people’s natural assault on our environment.  Population growth drives good or bad choices for energy.  Global citizens know Paris accords speak to protection while ignoring agreements hastens destruction capable of killing our children, ending a cleaner, brighter future.

Global communities understand what nationalists never grasp; it takes stronger rules and far more dollars to protect our children.  Billions are pledged for measures geared toward plans reducing dependency on crude energy and its incessant pollution.

Populations will breathe easier in all parts of our world except the United States, as we turn our backs on the world.  Millions of children are put at risk, billions in lost revenues will impact industry, channels for global cooperation will suffer, and our ability to breathe will be put in as much jeopardy as our coastal cities and river towns from sea to shining sea.  Melting before us is our last, best chance to secure our children’s future and globalists will holler loud and clear, we are blindly killing future generations.  Leaving Paris is a major debacle.

Killing children is something nationalists appear good at.  Their focus on reducing regulations and government costs, countered by their penchant for reinvesting savings into the military industrial complex, drives crisis.  Turning inward by regulating our own environment rather than working as a global citizen makes no sense unless it is to grow a militarized state opposing all open border efforts to be a part of the global community.

Saving billions in expensive regulatory adherence while allowing U.S. based companies to continue to work in the energy arenas of coal and gas mean nationalists desire less regulation from abroad or, in other words, more pollution at home. Paris members desire a sincere partnership in protecting all children around the world.  We should care for all rather than care so little for even our own.  Leaving Paris we encourage more pollution, dirtier water, and sicker children.

Globalists already know how to plan for children’s destruction humanely, with decades of success.  Climate change is slow, inefficient, cruel and dangerous.  Far more effective is the proven methods of abortion through careful parental planning.  Rather than risking untold thousands of deaths by natural disaster (hardly numbers one can plan on) environmental drains on the planet can be reduced through hundreds of thousands of child deaths annually, planned carefully with full profits considered from all aspects of the aborting process.

“I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world – that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically.” Margaret Sanger, 1957

It is unnecessary to subject born children, those we love, to the threats of nature.  Globalists are here to aide in cutting out the very first breaths of life so suffering will be minimally damaging and there will be cleaner resources left for those we choose to allow to live.  Properly planning parenthood is more humane than environmental disasters.

Nationalists will insist abortion is not a safer, more controllable environmental measure.  Despite claiming people have rights those with a nationalist bent, extremists clinging to our failed responsibility of choice, not only applaud the departure from Paris but further declare abortion should be stripped of government grants and resources.

Not only do these extreme racists follow the drum of personal responsibility, they insist global citizens are being led to believe what is not true.  Belief in regulatory oversight by experts somehow is dangerous. In reality these deniers of science only face the danger of losing their fascist, privileged control.  Globalism’s success may be slowed yet it is relenting.

Those supporting old world designs of self-governing create the biggest threat to our children.  Planning is better globally where our environment and the rights of parental choice can flourish under expert rules for proper, easy adherence.

Climate risks are real dangers. Paris agreements should be embraced.  Funding for abortions and the proper planning of parenthood should be sustained.  Only globalists seem to realize these truths.

Nationalist do not care about any of our children.  Those we choose to allow first breath and those we mercifully save from having to endure life by properly planning for their destruction clamor to be heard.

Embrace your role as a global citizen and resist nationalist denials.  Help resist this nationalist bent toward an America first mentality.  Climate change through the Paris accords is necessary rather than damaging.  Which is more dangerous, global unity or nationalist hate?  Why not embrace globalism?

NOTE:  Above is a fictional view in our struggle between transformative globalism and restorative nationalism.  What is your view?