We know Clinton crimes exist

No malice can be found in the simple fact we know Clinton crimes exist.  Debate can continue, accusations still need addressing, and history will eventually know whether Hillary or Bill Clinton were actual criminals or simply, unknowingly, surrounded themselves with criminals.  Definitions matter to the Clinton family, like the word ‘is’ Bill famously pointed out.  Crime does mean something that is illegal and it also means something, though legal, is evil, shameful, or wrong.

Too many instances are substantiated involving organizations and people associated closely with Clinton connections prospering illicitly.  Today’s approach to governing provides great opportunities for crime and criminals serve at all levels.  The Clinton family embraces opportunity, fights for sustaining power in government, thrives financially through their power, and people who are honest can admit Hillary and Bill Clinton are good at politics.

Just before the general election takes place, while early voting is on-going, media attention is on crude commentary from a boisterous celebrity eleven years ago.  As crass as the comments, crimes taking place within the Clinton machine should be fully investigated yet go unchallenged because there’s a bad man saying bad things, look over there and see the caricature challenging Hillary Clinton and transformational progress.

There is no other instance in our political history this level of corruption was blatantly accepted by the press and a large number of the electorate.  Polling suggests socialism’s engineering approach, using administrative law, is acceptable even though it is known to be socialism, a failed governing approach throughout its history.  No matter the failure of progressive plans, we must elect Clinton and continue the transformation so the crimes are not as important as the words of a political fool, don’t vote for the fool, he’s scary and she’s our first woman president.

Crime does not matter as long as special interests are served through the governing Issues Network, taught in high school American government classes and reviewed in AP exam preparation.  Iron Triangles explain why bureaucracy allows for the manipulation of illegal activity through apparently legal channels.  Speaking fees replace outdated bribery, charitable foundation donations update pay offs for protection.

Mafia comparisons are not fair to any member of the Mafia, at least they were honest with what they were doing and why.  Crimes done in the name of aiding people who rarely receive much aide is nefarious yet common in the power struggle we know as factional politics.  Examples of failed progressive efforts abound yet people cheer the prospect of more transformation toward ever increasing bureaucracy.  To continue Clinton must win, crimes must be ignored, progressive changes are more important than justice in an unjust system.

Crimes will continue to prosper as the system giving legality to plunder is about to gain more power, more than even allowed over the past 15 years.  An additional four years of special interest access through channels developed to take full advantage of the accepted processes in place will yield more transformation.  Decades of progressive judges will help secure the transformation long after the Clinton crimes are written into history.

These very processes spin government upside down and out-of-control.  Obamacare was passed in order to learn what was in it which has been a mountain of regulatory expense and socially engineered failure.  Iron Triangles are bankrupting a vital industry responsible for providing a stable portion of energy for the people at reasonable costs and ever improving safety.  Overregulation of small businesses helping people live healthier lives through raw milk, vaping, cooperative farming, and more are being destroyed without protecting or promoting public health because bureaucratic rules are easy to manipulate for the good of the few at the expense of the many.

American Federalism focused on controlling factions through a system of separation, checks, and balancing where responsibilities made sense to govern.  Liberty to self-govern was the primary sovereign area, federal responsibility was far removed from most citizens’ daily life.  American Progressivism also focused on controlling the negative influences of factions yet approached the goal through experts paid to engineer rules and regulations designed to control needs of the people.  The world of lobbyists, special interest groups, media outlets, political action committees, bureaucrats, and sub-committee chairmanships help keep the people in check while government goes completely out of balance.

Today government centrally oversees many aspects of daily life, self-governing and liberty are all but a memory fading into the night.  We know Clinton crimes exist, and should we elect Hillary Clinton knowing all this we must be willing to accept criminal control to continue through bureaucratic might.  The transformation is not complete, progressive efforts have not yet reached total control, and even if Hillary and Bill Clinton are criminals they can help complete the transformation.  So listen to the words, those terrible words of the political fool, and ignore the existing crimes, fundamental transformation and progress is more important after all.