Mother Earth Loses if Indivisible Project Wins

Indivisible Project is an organization designed to “change the conversation about our country’s values and ultimately take power in government at every level to make it responsive to those values.” ( There is a parallel organization, Indivisible Civic.


Our values, the ones initially at the heart of the founding of our country, are summed up in three simple words; peace, love, and friendship. Indivisible Project only states three values; inclusion, tolerance, and fairness. These three values are never defined and the only mission they share in any of the guides or details are to resist the current president, Trump, and to organize protests against government and ways to disrupt and control organized group’s Members of Congress (MOCs). Here is how they state it in their vision statements for both the project and Indivisible Civic (emphasis added):.




Launched after Donald Trump’s election, Indivisible became a nationwide movement of thousands of volunteer-led local groups that engage in progressive advocacy and electoral work at the local, state, and national level. Indivisible Project, a 501(c)(4), was established to lift up that grassroots movement of local groups to defeat the Trump agenda, elect progressive leaders, and realize bold progressive policies. We support local Indivisible groups by offering legislative advocacy and political expertise and by building political power everywhere.”


Today they blame Trump and lift Obama, but these are just the past two administration. The efforts of progressive take over have been going on for over a century now. Visit their about us page to read the entirety of their vision. Those behind the Indivisible Project/Civic clearly tell us what their intentions are. “We change the conversation about our country’s values and ultimately take power in government at every level to make it responsive to those values.” Very simply put, they want to change the core values and take control of government at every level, and their victory is closer than they let on.


They offer a comprehensive guide for downloading and learning how to organize and control MoCs ( yet reading it reveals nothing of what their values mean, why they chose those three words to represent their values, or why our core values of peace, love, and friendship need to be replaced with theirs. It ONLY states their values must be the ones used in their new government once they are in control.


The words sound good to the ear. Their very name is in the pledge of allegiance. Our human nature wants to include family and friends in our lives, we struggle but want to be tolerant of all neighbors and we naturally want to be fair to each other. Our nature fights to maintain peace, love and friendship so much we even divide in our organized religions centered on the same Biblical doctrines.


Throughout humanity’s existence on Earth (happy Earth Day by the way) we struggle between good and evil from within and our country today is more factionally corrupt and divided than it has been in decades (though it has been this bad in our history).


Cities controlled for decades by progressive policies seem to be even more corrupt than those that are labeled conservative though even they are filled with corruption. Peace, love and friendship are hard to find today in government but in our daily lives it is much more common than the governing forces want us to realize.


The current presidency seems to be only an emotional reason to act now. Trump’s incompetency as a politician means we can more clearly see his roots, politicians are experts at hiding their roots (a reason Indivisible focuses on the MoCs, as you will see when reading their guide). Before Trump and before Obama there were other progressive efforts to take control of government at every level to change to the very same core values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness.


But why those words, how do they define them? Quite simply, from everything I can find on this or any other progressive effort today they don’t. Why bother with definition or reason when emotion is such a better tool for controlling our human nature, a nature they know intimately!


Their three words sound good to the ears of those of us struggling with life’s challenges and believing nobody cares about us. We know the corruption in our government’s political parties has the entire country fighting to even remember our core values ARE peace, love, and friendship. Their replacement values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness seem to make sense but to know should we not know the definitions?


They say they want inclusion for friends and neighbors and I am both a friend to some and a neighbor to others so why do they hate me so? Indivisible Project/Civic’s website finally opened my eyes the way Bill Clinton helped me clearly understand words are very important to progressives and conservatives, they are careful about what IS is.


Over and over the word OUR is used; OUR groups, OUR network, OUR friends, OUR neighbors. Since I was not a member of their group they easily cast me out and were willing to do so by physical force even though I approached them with nothing but a desire to learn more before deciding to join or not. After the terrible lies of 1992, when Gingrich sold his despicable notion of a contract with the people and it was nothing but a lie, conservativism no longer made sense. Progressivism, I quickly learned, made the same level of nonsense, and combined both are dangerous and have been historically.

The two-party system is the ROOT of our problems, both in our angry protests and in our daily struggles to simply enjoy peace, love and friendship on our shared journey of life. Factions are deplorable, but I drift from the Indivisible Project/Civic and their core values.

They have no time for me, I am not a part of OUR and they did not need me since I would not grab a sign and take to the streets in protest against current government. My efforts to learn about progressivism is from the 90s, not today, yet their intolerance of me was as bitter as we see today and what they wanted of me is EXACTLY what the groups of the 90s wanted, only their group names change.

In plain sight they willingly exclude women from the Women’s March, exclude Hispanic congressional members from their Hispanic Caucus and more that appears contradictory to their core values of inclusion, tolerance and fairness. Quick to violence, yelling, and labeling with words that sound scary they appear to include very few, tolerate even less, and fairness is really difficult to see at all. What do their values mean, what is the definition of their words?

After decades of believing I knew the meaning of their three words I turned to the dictionary just two days ago and studied them carefully. I was wrong, I didn’t know the meaning of IS after all.

On a special day we should all unite to protect our Mother Earth I will share the dictionary definitions and how I now understand them better. See if what I now understand them to be is accurate for you once you carefully consider their words and how different their actions are.


“noun: inclusion


the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

“federal legislation now mandates the inclusion of students who are English language learners”


a person or thing that is included within a larger group or structure.

Origin early 17th century: from Latin inclusio(n-), from includere ‘shut in.’”

I falsely believed it to mean all inclusive, like our love should be for all as we are all connected to our Earth and our source. I was very wrong, they only are concerned with their groups, remember? Read their vision and guide…it is not all of humanity as we should grow to be, it is their groups only. Any others they have no need for.


“noun: tolerance


the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.


“the tolerance of corruption””


This meaning is one I believed we shared until reading their guide yesterday made me realize there is a reason INCLUSION comes before TOLERANCE. I have witnessed for several decades it is only progressive minded people they tolerate; OUR groups, OUR network, OUR race, OUR caucus.


It is why we see successful women hated by these groups if the woman does not first include herself in their group. Why a woman must demand government fund abortions and laws for killing our babies even in late stages of pregnancy when there is no threat to life. But what if a woman believes in abortion due to rape or in cases where the mother’s life is threatened? That is not good enough to be included in OUR so they are not worthy of being tolerated. They are still women but no longer are they equal to OUR women so it is okay to yell, protest, and be violent toward them.


“noun: fairness


impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination.


“part of my role is to ensure fairness to all parties””


Once again, a meaning I believed we shared until I learned what IS is; inclusion first before tolerance and before fairness. We are only worthy of fair treatment after we enter their groups, their network, their rage against current government, their desire for governing power, their human weakness of lust for governing power and control over any outside their inclusive network. You will be counted as OUR or the values will NOT apply to you. You can be beaten, even killed, it’s okay since their core values start with inclusion and you choose not to join, you choose to not be progressive.


It is why they threatened me, called me names, and came close to violence with me in the 90s when all I did was try to ask them to help me understand. They’ve no time for understanding, they do not even bother to take time to define for their groups the meaning of their values because their value is power, money, and control of all who can deliver it to them. Their core is a lie!


Progressives want to organize any individual into their group that will not ask too many questions. Those that are willing to grab a sign and take to the streets. Isn’t that closer to slavery and cultism than tolerance and fairness? Sadly, the conservatives are no clearer in their definitions and just as corrupt in their lust for power.


Factions care nothing for peace, love and friendship. The values we share as a heritage and a country are extremely problematic for factions, it why the values must be changed! We wonder why both political parties seem so close, so much the same? Today more people identify as independent, making both factions in this two-party circus approach meltdown before our eyes and much to our confusion BUT we let these two, these so-called majority/minority parties, continue to control our governing bodies at all levels. They’ve run this country solidly since 1830 and factions have ruled the earth far longer!


Mother Earth is shared by all humans, animals, plants, soil, water, and air. We share the air with the organizers behind Indivisible Project/Civic. Lucky for us God is the governing power behind our earth, factions would deny us air unless we were OUR. They would cap it, trade it, and make it simply another commodity to abuse. They pollute it by tilling and killing, spraying, and saying they must feed the world.


They LIE – they want nothing but to control the world and will kill OUR MOTHER to get what they want.


Peace, love and friendship will win, our Mother Earth will be saved, climates and habitats will be restored, this I know with certainty.


How much more damage we the people allow these factions to do until we awaken to our oneness is the only question left and we better find the answer soon or our planet will suffer even more tragedy from their tillers, poisons, and destruction.


Sadly, until we quit aligning with factions OUR shared planet will continue to be damaged by governing forces seeking power. Today you will see, they even have taken over Earth Day but now that we understand their definitions you will begin to see through their lies. Mother Earth needs more of us to awaken to factional destruction.


Are you awake?