Are You Really Black or Are You Really White?

People who know me or who’ve read any of my efforts know I cannot stand what special interests and political parties embrace, the phony ‘race’ classifications created for the census to help cultivate division of people into identity politics. We are one race, human. Other phony classifications are made up with country names, continent names, and more but nothing to do with our race! We are human, period. We are also foolish to allow all these so called ‘groups speaking for citizens’ to continually pull us into their twisted minds filled with their desire to rule.

Our MSM is busy saying one group is at fault and a president didn’t slam that group enough in initial statements. In NC a group of hate-filled people attacked and murdered an innocent statue erected in the 1920s.  Stirring our emotions, mixing up reality with their brand of unreal political poison.

Interestingly, the radical left that’s been busy for several years causing violent defiance of things they don’t like are suddenly innocent defenders since the radical right hate groups got enough gumption to show up like a mob of outlaws themselves. The media makes it sound as if those carrying socialism’s symbols, denouncing any national soveriegnty in favor of globalism, showing up with masks and weapons are now the what? Victims?

The far right and far left want nothing more than societal melt down, like anarchists and tyrannists have always wanted. A peace loving, self-governing society is always a threat to both sides of this radical coin. Sadly, the far left radicals and the far right counter groups they help inspire to the streets are both so far from representing most of us who call ourselves citizens.  Reality check, MOST of us don’t HATE each other but we’re being sucked in by emotions.

Our political ‘leaders’ are just as culpable. Both major parties are on the brink of collapse and they do not mind the violence, death, and citizens pitted against citizens. They love public meltdown, history proves it.

The last time both of these parties were in such dire points of collapse U.S. citizens were sold the Spanish-American War and the Philippine people were unceremoniously crushed by our first major foray into ‘defending democracy and freedom around the world’ as our Republic of states was transformed into a single nation.  Many died, the political class did not care, they had their war, they had their citizens back under control, the two major parties survived, life was good until they needed to sell us on WWI to secure the deal.

Now hate groups on the left want us to abandon even being a nation and our MSM and political parties are more than happy to help by making the very word, nationalist, a race bating label of shame. Globalists right now, socialists right now are thrilled the thugs and haters on the far right of society finally came in mass to their party.

Squaring off in Charlottesville could be the spark the far left resistance groups finally were waiting for (small events spark major revolutions, think Lexington & Concord). Now it is on, black vs white, hate groups vs hate groups so you best pick a side, the death and destruction is of no concern to those who seek control, power and wealth. Kill each other, just don’t trample on the political class’s wealth, corruption, control, and power.

This is not a racial fight people, it’s a power struggle for controlling us, and do you want ANY of THESE groups controlling you? History shows us the political class, the Deep State, and the media do not care about us, realize that identity politics has long been their friend.

Only we can care and MOST of us know we are so mixed over the centuries we’re all mutts, there is no true black & white, its misdirection and it is very effective. The media loves the war, bleeding angry mobs sell. The Deep State loves chaos and turmoil as a distraction to allow them to continue their ways of ruling and profiting from our passion and emotions and willingness to identify with one of their created groups and miss all the real ‘magic’ they perform with our tax dollars.

History teaches us this is not some grassroots effort, some citizen resistance efforts springing from the ground on either side folks.  This is the political industrial complex reaching their goals, anarchy in our streets so tyranny will be asked for by the masses to stop the insanity. They’re winning again…are you willingly playing along? Are you really black? Are you REALLY white? Or are you HUMAN and really tired of the political classes in our country playing on a false, divisive, deadly narrative leading us straight into our next civil war as they smile about how easily we’re manipulated.

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