Resurrection Day Reflects Christ’s Free Will

Today many of us will pause from life to celebrate Easter, or what Mark Alexander (editor of The Patriot Post) refers to as Resurrection Day.  I like that name, it more accurately depicts why we are setting a day aside for something very special.  For billions of humans the free will examples taught by Christ bring focus in how to strive toward living the best life our frail natures can.

Human nature is fundamentally unchanged from the days Jesus Christ physically walked among us.  Key for those who met him was a lesson more important than any other he taught, free will.  God did not choose his son Satan’s plan of predestination.  Instead his son Christ would bring the better option, free will, to humans in the flesh.  After living and teaching, leaving examples for all time and people to follow, his body was destroyed, spirit released, and on the third day resurrected.  Happy Resurrection Day.

Free will, choice, and the responsibility for those choices.  Simple enough yet human nature will ensure it is not easy for any one of us during our life.  We know it was no easy task for Jesus in the flesh.  He shared gripping examples of suffering and struggling to maintain a free will decision to follow a life of more right than wrong, leading to his ultimate example of death and resurrection.

Liberty is also the right to choose and so it is when the Framers and Founders attempted to protect Posterity from future abuses of any monarch or ruler Liberty, what can be called Free Will, was central in thought while crafting the supreme Law of man in their new country.

Grafted together with Liberty is Freedom, the other side of the coin.  Liberty is our RIGHT to choose.  It is a part of our nature, each of us wants (at some level) to make choices for our self.  Freedom is our RESPONSIBILITY for our choices.  This is the side of the coin that is worn to a point people seem to forget our actions bring consequences.

Throughout mankind’s history we see free will crushed by tyranny and anarchy.  Liberty, and the desire for it, is born in each of us so why has so little time in history been filled with the peace living under laws protecting liberty bring?

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 2:14, “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.”  Spiritually discerned is the key.

We have many examples of our founding generation taking to their knees for support and guidance.  Today’s drive for free-dumb (being free with little or no responsibility personally but recognizing the responsibility of others keeping you from your free-dumb) does not bother with time for taking a knee, listening, thinking, contemplating, and allowing the spirit to guide rather than the emotional animal we are when not quiet or resting.

Resurrection Day gives us a chance to consider Christ’s ultimate example of free will.  What we do spiritually with this gift and natural right is personal, what is referred to as religious.  How we exercise it in society, publicly, is what drives laws of man, government.

Liberty was the vital importance in what was called (in colonial times) the Independency Movement.  As liberty was restricted by their sovereign loyalty became strained.  Finally, their King chose to crush as rebels rather than build up as loyal subjects with separate parliamentary needs, his colonial subjects.  He could have easily chosen peace.  His subjects in England and his colonies were ready to pledge continuing allegiance to his crown.  His choices led us to where we are today.

This day it is time to consider the government side of free will.  We know Christ’s example was central to planning our U.S. Constitution.  Liberty must be central and guarded or we have oppression and societal erosion of free will as governing factions rise to ruler status.  We see this clearly in the Bureaucratic Socialist state the Untied States has morphed into.

Liberty was replaced by factional cabal once again.  Independency, a drive that must be discerned spiritually, is given no time in a country driven by division, anger, violence, and no moral compass.  We hear political masters continually spewing something of democracy and free-dumb yet where is the liberty and free will promised us by our founding generations?

Resurrection of Independency must begin in earnest.  We must discern it in moral reflection, and we must again be willing to sacrifice our lives, our fortunes and most importantly, our Sacred Honor.

Spiritual guidance, moral choices we personally bear responsibility for, and the drive to live with others who understand the struggle but also the reward of living free are today merely a dream.  Colonists in a lonely, quiet shire town once merely dreamed of a country unified through human liberty in 1766, a full decade before their dreams would be realized.

May personal Independency live strong within you.  May your right to choose not be infringed further while your responsibility is something you accept and carry with honor.  May this Resurrection Day be a special, spiritual day when the Spirit of God may come to you.