Shania Twain Inspires and Anarchist Dogs of Indivisible Attack

ROOT CAUSES: WE ALLOW the anarchist dogs of the Indivisible Project to attack and create destructive sadness from what is TRULY an inspiring story. #shaniainspiresme should have been the campaign, her comment was neither an endorsement nor a very big part of an otherwise inspiring story.

Progress HATES inspiration – in spirit living!


Today’s lesson for all of us to learn – they attacked a survivor who merely shared her way of standing when her life was destroyed by the small bite of a tick.

Few will hear her inspiration – today they only hear she was threatened by Indivisible Project tactics of hashtag nonsense and the headlines scream Shania Twain apologizes for those she has offended with THIS honest statement which is no endorsement at all!

“I would have voted for him because, even though he was offensive, he seemed honest,” said Twain, 52. “Do you want straight or polite? Not that you shouldn’t be able to have both. If I were voting, I just don’t want bull—-. I would have voted for a feeling that it was transparent. And politics has a reputation of not being that, right?” (The Mercury News) [Emphasis added]

Her words of why she would have supported Trump were not due to liking anything about HIM but the fact he seemed the most TRANSPARENT – the Indivisible crowd’s dogs attack for simply asking if we are not all tired of BS in politics!

I am, I cheered her words, I too do not like the incompetent crudeness of the man but at least we are seeing behind the filth of progressive politics in our governmet both left and right of the aislet!! Progressive pollution ruining our children’s chance for success while they claim to love our children; they hate inspired people of any age and they silence in spirit messages at every chance!

Instead of simply reading her inspiring story, seeing the honest insights on how her vote is cast and deciding if you agree or not about it, or saying that makes sense or that doesn’t make sense the INDIVISIBLE PROGRESSIVE anarchists attacked her for this very minor part of her major story of inspiration!

Like a HOGG is prodded to squeal by cruel masters, the media shared the attacks of INDIVISIBLE led nobodies against a woman being interviewed after losing her voice for 15 years.

A woman being honest about the challenges of life and how to overcome them.

A woman who was at the top of her world when a tick bit her and silenced her beautiful voice at a time in her career when youth and energy were taking her to the top of her profession and delivering her special vocals and words into our hearts.

ONE honest comment – I know I’m tired of the BS in our politics – and the foul anarchist dogs of progress attack a beautiful soul, she mercilessly apologizes for offending the dogs but those prodding them simply look for the next good story and inspiring person to attack for NO REASON AT ALL beyond silencing inspiration from any news cycle!

The wild dogs of the extreme left, those who sadly control a lot of major media, grabbed her heartwarming story of survival and instead turned the entire passion she shares into a single HASHTAG CAMPAIGN to destroy her comeback

I’m beyond tired of the anarchists destroying good people, good inspirations, and good feelings with their uncalled for attacks the media takes and runs with.

This woman gave an inspiring interview in an English paper, she’s a Canadian citizen, and the RABID – Indivisible Project crowd seized on what amounts to a small portion of an interview and a very WISE insight into our politics.

Instead of her story being shared, helping others who have suffered stand again…today the headlines scream from CNN and the other ANARCHIST media enablers – Shania apologizes for endorsing Trump…read HER words – hardly an endorsement. When will WE the PEOPLE help put down this dangerous band of rabid dogs destroying our spirit? Does this headline inspire you?

After backlash, Shania Twain sorry for saying she would have voted for Trump