US surgeon general continues government attack on vaping in new report

When considering two years of taxpayer funded government research it would not be unrealistic for taxpayers to expect solid, fact based information they can count on.  Considering a report is being presented by the country’s top medical doctor it would be easy to understand how people will believe what the doctor tells them.  After all, our top government doctor would not do anything but deliver the facts and let us know true risks without speculation, false statements, or conjecture, right?  Today we once again see this is wrongful consideration.

It is a long-held tradition and approach by government regulators; the youth are in danger and the government is here to protect our youth from their parents, grandparents, and the society who does not care.   US Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy is helping carry on the tradition today by releasing what he claims to be two years of work and the “first comprehensive federal government review of the public health impact of e-cigarettes on U.S. youth and young adults.”

In the forward to the report Tom Frieden, the head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, targeted marketing efforts he states are aimed directly at young people.  His conjecture states, “Companies are promoting their products through television and radio advertisements that use celebrities, sexual content, and claims of independence to glamorize these addictive products.”

First, we are not being blitzed with vaping product ads on our TVs or radios.  Second, celebrities, sexual content, and claims of independence is the formula marketers across a wide range of products use daily.  Is that car commercial you just watched aimed at middle school students?  How about those Viagra commercials we deal with constantly, more youth marketing?  Reality is far different than what the head of the CDC claims.

No matter, in a single report we have the country’s top doctor and the head of the CDC joining together to call for stricter regulatory control, increased product taxation, and more intervention from government to ‘help’ children.  Although the fact youth smoking is dropping significantly, as is all smoking in the U.S., the report warns that vaping may cause us to see smoking increase in years ahead rather than draw the logical conclusion Dr. Michael Siegel, a tobacco-control advocate and researcher at Boston University’s School of Public Health, has reached.

“Although electronic cigarette uptake has skyrocketed among youth, cigarette smoking has fallen at historic rates,” he writes in an email.  “This would be nearly impossible to explain if electronic cigarettes were causing a substantial number of youths to start smoking.”  Dr. Siegel is a recognized expert that studies the truth about vaping and presents both the warnings and success fairly, accurately, and despite improperly slanted government reports.

It is a fact as vaping is increasing in use smoking is dropping to all-time lows across all age groups.   There is no doubt youth should not vape nicotine if they are not already smoking but if they are smoking vaping is proving to be the best way to get them off cigarettes and away from nicotine.  The report and the doctor don’t bother to tell you many youths that do vape do so with zero nicotine eLiquid and with parental oversight.

Nobody in the industry supports youth smoking or vaping, period.  The vaping industry does not want children vaping.  However, parents of children who smoke have used a transition to vaping to finally stop the extremely deadly impacts of a lifetime of burning tobacco and should be allowed to.  Government regulators and anti-smoking zealots would rather claim these same parents are somehow abusing their children instead of helping them. Government supports patches and the prescription drug Chantix despite its links to hundreds of suicide attempts.  Nobody commits suicide due to vaping and a growing number of vapers use zero nicotine liquids or quit vaping and smoking.

The industry self-regulated against e-cigarette sales to minors long before the FDA ever submitted the industry to its deeming rules requiring it this year.  Millions of people have successfully, finally, kicked the smoking habit and are living smoke-free thanks to vaping.  The government’s new attacks are based on vaping products being tobacco but when did they become tobacco?  On August 8, 2016 when the government deemed it so.  The FDA rules claim vaping liquids with zero nicotine, software that programs chipsets used in vaping products, and batteries used in vaping devices all to be tobacco products and can be controlled by our government just as smoking cigarettes are.

The press conference underway as this article is being typed uses youth to show how important it is for the government to use regulatory control, taxpayer dollars, and more to stop vaping products from getting into the hands of our children.  The teen speaking says we need government to protect her.  We do not need governing nanny-state answers, they do not work, you cannot legislate morality especially when legislation is built on lobbying groups, politicians, and special interest lies.

What we need are true facts.  What we need are legislators and government leaders willing to tell the truth.  Vaping is helping drive down smoking and increase public health, the correlation is clear.  Yes, some youth are vaping who should not.  Yes, vaping is not benign (though scientifically proven to be at least 95% safer than smoking, let that sink in).  Yes, we want our youth to avoid nicotine, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other dangers to proper development.  Yes, we want to avoid anything that will lead future generations to pick up one of the worst habits in human history, smoking.

Government is force and this force is filled with lies and confusion from those we should be able to trust.   They lie because lobbyists, PACs, and special interests will support them if they do.  Government agencies (like the FDA, CDC, and the surgeon general’s office) grow with the growth of regulatory control.  Taxes increase and money fuels more growth in government, perpetually leading us toward tyranny.

Armed with this report we will see age restrictions continue to rise in states.  We will see improper ‘sin’ taxes placed on vaping (as well as soda and sugary products and more our government wants us to avoid) continue.   We will see zealots grab ahold of this ‘comprehensive’ report and use it to abuse citizens and threaten an industry who is guilty of helping people finally quit smoking and live smoke-free.

We do not need more government lies, conjecture, and crony-capitalism to solve the problems of youth addiction or smoking cessation.  We need truth and our government is doing all it can to insure we do not hear the truth.  The truth does not help government grow, it helps it shrink.  Truth does not help fund political campaigns; lobbyists, PACs and special interest groups do.  Truth does not allow politicians and special interest groups to claim moral victory in protecting our youth, parents really are more capable than government in doing so.  Truth does not fit with the narrative necessary for control, truth is liberating and our government does not want liberty running free in the U.S. again.  If government really cared about our youth, they would tell the truth but that is obviously not going to happen when it comes to vaping.