An Eagle’s Prayer

Welcome to An Eagle’s Prayer.  An Eagle’s Prayer is dedicated to giving a voice to those who want to help ensure our heritage as a federalist republic, under constitutional rule of law, is not completely lost to our posterity.  Our move toward a progressive vision of an administrative state, operating under administrative law, has a lot of problems and it’s leading our country toward tyranny and chaos today.  Woodrow Wilson envisioned an administrative state freed from political influence yet that has never been a part of human nature.  His vision was blinded by his inability to truly accept human nature had not evolved as far as he was certain it had.

Today people do not understand the supreme law of the land simply because we have no real foundation in what a federalist republic is.  We do not govern under American Federalism and it is a federalist republic the U.S. Constitution was designed for.  The Constitution appears to be an ineffective guide and it is because we operate under administrative law rather than constitutional law.  American Federalism has been pushed aside despite the fact our Supreme Law was never rescinded.


An Eagle’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

You know I patrol the skies over the home of the brave,  this land of the free.

These days there’s a cause for me to pause as I see the death of liberty’s tree.

Her seeds were sowed over 220 years ago as you well know since your hands were there.

As a young tree she grew strong, strong enough for me to nest as the people gave her care.


People enjoyed relaxing in her shade and even in the depth of winter comfort could be found.

Today her limbs are beginning to droop while her roots are seemingly becoming bound.

There once was many who took the time for watering, pruning, and caring as she grew.

However even though there are more people living near her it seems far fewer ever do.


When landing there to nest these days the branches barely hold my weight.

Dear lord is there anything this eagle can do before it becomes too late?

If you can simply give me a voice I’ll tell everyone across the land our tree is sick.

If you can help me grow some hands I’ll water, prune, and care for her but please do this quick.


You see the next great storm is coming when the winds will surely whirl and blow.

The way our tree is feeling right now it may be more than she can stand, you know?

Please don’t let her die dear Lord, don’t let her people lose her shade.

When that happens we both know the sun will burn too hot while my people all will fade…



Dear Lord,


You know I patrol the skies,

Of the home of our brave, this land of the free.

Sown over 200 years ago,

I rest on a branch in liberty’s tree.


People once took great care of her,

With the strength of oak she stood strong.

Today when I landed upon my branch,

She cried & creaked as if I didn’t belong.


If you will grant me simply a voice,

I’ll warn all of her looming fate.

I know these people will help her Lord,

Please give me a voice before it’s too late!